“I am an artist who has been living in the city of Glasgow since 1983. As you will see in the following pages there are several themes in my work. However, it is for my depictions of Glasgow people and places that I am best known; in particular, the painting shown opposite, entitled ‘Windows In The West®’. When this was first exhibited, after completion in 1993, it immediately struck a chord. I am glad to say it still does, and it has, quite literally, become my trademark. In 1994 it was purchased by the city for its newly opened Gallery Of Modern Art where it remained for ten years. In 2006 it found a new home in Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum where it hangs in the ‘Looking at Art’ section on the ground floor.  You can buy signed prints of my work directly from the site.  As well as my Glasgow prints there are a number of Scottish prints, mostly painted from the island of Arran.

It is a fact that the drive to pursue a particular artistic theme eventually loses its powers. At that point one seeks the energy of a new one. So it was that I came to work on what for want of a better word, I term ‘My Abstracts’. I do not think that I am quite finished with this theme, but another one beckons. This may be successful, it may not; watch this space!”